Passion for lifestyle wields marketplace clout
Baby Boomers bent on staying young

Aches, pains and wrinkles might be the telltale signs of growing older, but Mother Nature and Science are offering up powerful new solutions. And with Boomers worldwide determined to hang onto their youthful vitality and quality of life, these solutions are finding eager buyers.

In North America alone, 90 million Baby Boomers are bearing down on a marketplace racing to give them what they're demanding. With some 13,000 per day turning 50, their wants and needs have an entirely NEW focus. The battle cry is ANTI-AGING, and it boils down to protecting their health, vitality and youthful good looks ... and banishing the aches and pains that are a harbinger of (gulp) aging.


Inflammation--culprit in ALL aching, aging and wrinkle woes?

While such billion dollar (but dangerous) wonder drugs as Vioxx®, Celebrex® and Bextra® once seemed to be keeping the aches and pains at bay, the FDA's pulling two off the market and dire safety warnings about the third left millions of people seeking SAFE alternatives for joint misery. But even before this bombshell, events were paving the way for a NEW, 100% natural and safe product to fill the NEED--and transform countless lives impacted by a multitude of health issues.

And who could have guessed that wrinkles, sagging jowls and skin, weakening muscles and the entire, dreaded AGING process might be directly linked to the aches, pains and other debilitating "lifestyle" diseases?


Did he stumble upon the anti-aging key of the Century?

A clue about things to come was seen in early 2004 when Matt Lauer's road show from the Amazon Rainforest made NBC Today the first major network program to shine the media spotlight on the Acai (ah-SIGH-ee) berry, its historical use as both food and medicine--and its modern day legend as "the Viagra® of the Amazon!"


The Secret of the Amazon reaches the Limelight

Fast forward to autumn of 2004 and the Oprah Winfrey Show when her special guest was none other than Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN--world renowned anti-aging expert and author of three New York Times #1 Best Sellers. On that day, with the rapt attention of millions of viewers, he named Amazonia's legendary yet little known Acai berry the #1 super food in the world for "age-defying beauty."


Discovering MonaVie

As market demand grew more intense, one company's elite medical and scientific team released what would quickly become the PREMIER Acai berry formula in the marketplace. Come, explore the mystery of the Amazon and live the journey that brought their amazing elixir to humanity! Take 8 short minutes to see how Mother Nature's Pharmacy and MonaVie can change your life!


Listen to the Amazing Results

And wait'll you hear what MonaVie is doing for people just like you! Click to listen to real-life stories from the heart!


Learn more about the master formulator of this remarkable elixir...
MonaVie's Chief Science Officer

Ralph Carson, Ph.D., RD, LD, earned his medical degree from Duke University and his PhD in nutrition from Auburn University. He was the Clinical Nutritional Consultant to the University of Tennessee Women's Athletic program. He is a nationally sought after speaker in the natural wellness arena.


Foremost Authority Tells All

Much preceding the discovery of Amazonia's Acai berry by the popular media and natural wellness practitioners, Dr. Alexander Schauss, PhD, FACN, was securing a place in botanical history as the world's foremost expert on the Acai berry. His passion for researching botanical medicine and nutrition has taken him around the globe, studying and lecturing on the use of foods and botanicals by indigenous populations.


Medical Advisory Board

Meet our acclaimed Medical Advisory Board--a roster that includes a former president of the American Medical Association and reads like a Who's Who in medicine and wellness of the 21st Century. The science behind MonaVie is backed up by names you can trust with your family's health.


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